2: Siblings and Special Guests


On this second episode of The Lucky Few Podcast we talk about siblings, and because siblings can be difficult, we brought in some of the best ones we know!

We get to talk to @Jimbo_Is_The_Man’s sisters, Pam and Julie, about growing up with him and how they have navigated all of the life’s changes. They chat about growing up in a large family (11 kids!) and what their father did on the day of Jimbo’s diagnosis that changed everything for them. They share rich wisdom and practical advice for parents of typically developing children as well as children with Down syndrome. Their love for Jimbo is contagious and just what we needed.

We also spend some time hearing from Ace Eicher, sister to Archie and Sevy, from @eicherumba on Instagram. We get the wonderful opportunity to hear her share about her experience as a kid with a brother and sister with down syndrome.

We hope this podcast brings you encouragement, hope, and a new voice as we work to shift the narrative about those living with Down syndrome.

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