3: College - Liz Plachta of Ruby's Rainbow


Here at The Lucky Few Podcast we are all about raising the bar for individuals with Down syndrome. One great way that we have seen that is through Ruby’s Rainbow and we are so excited to have the Liz Plachta, the founder, with us today. Ruby’s Rainbow provides college scholarships to individuals with Down syndrome.

We get to chat with Liz about how it all came to be and what she has learned since founding this organization. We talk about the power of social media, learning to trust, and get to hear about some of the Ruby’s Rainbow Rockin’ recipients, and the good that raising awareness can do for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages.

Also, as always, we get to share some awesome good news! We hope this podcast brings you encouragement, hope, and a new voice. Please subscribe at our website for updates and events in the future. Enjoy, and interact with us on all of our social media below!


Liz & Ruby Plachta