1: World Down Syndrome Day!


Welcome to our first official episode of The Lucky Few Podcast! In this episode, we chat about our own World Down syndrome Day celebrations that range from waking the kids up in the morning to fulfilling Heather’s lifelong dream. Plus we talk out our real life unicorns, the newest Gerber baby, and the tattoo everyone is getting, #theluckyfewtattoo. You will also get to hear about an amazing opportunity to connect with others in the Down syndrome community, and we celebrate your good news. We hope this podcast brings you encouragement, hope, and a new voice as we work to shift the narrative about those living with Down syndrome. Please subscribe at our website for updates and events in the future. Enjoy, and interact with us on all of our social media below!


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A note: After the recording of this episode, upon further research we learned that the story widely circulating on social media in regards to Pope Francis and the child was not reported accurately. We apologize for any confusion this might have caused and have included a link to the correct story. Also it is important to note that though it was not exactly as reported originally, we still take Pope Francis advocating for inclusion (what was actually happening) as good news worth celebrating!  https://goo.gl/7Nr9ph