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38: Remembering Jimbo

This week on The Lucky Few Podcast, we are remembering James Eugene Lanto, better known as Jimbo, and even better known as Jimbo_Is_The_Man on Instagram.  For many of us in the online Down Syndrome world, Jimbo’s Instagram account was the first glimpse of what an adult life could look like for our little ones with extra chromosomes.  Jimbo’s spirit seen through those little squares on our phones gave us immense hope and great joy for our child’s future. And for those of us who have other children without Down Syndrome, the loving actions of Jimbo’s sisters erased our fears that our children’s siblings might one day grow bitter or resentful against their brother or sister with Down Syndrome.  In the eyes of Jimbo’s sisters (and all of his 10 other siblings), Jimbo was more than enough just as he was, never a burden, and always a blessing. Hear more from two of Jimbo’s sisters, Pam and Julie, about life with their extraordinary brother and help us pay tribute to the man that showed us what it means to be part of #TheLuckyFew.

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