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35: Mercedes & Andy answer, "What's it like traveling with your kids?"

Hi friends- Mercedes & Andy Lara (@hooray4sunny) here!  We’ve been traveling with our three kiddos all summer long and you wouldn’t believe the stories we have for you!  Between all of our crazy fun adventures, we’ve picked up on quite a few #TravelHacks along the way, especially for children with different abilities!  Snacks, sunscreen, and no screen time are just a few of our keys to a fun vacation. But we get it, traveling with kids isn’t always easy, especially if you’re traveling with people who don’t quite understand why your child responds a little differently to the world.  It’s okay to wonder why on earth you left the house in the first place when your child refuses to walk back to the car or stand in line. And it’s okay to pack an entire pantry full of snacks to get you through the day.  What matters most is that you keep showing up.  The world needs to see your beautiful family and interact with your extraordinary children.  

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