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S03 Episode 10: BONUS- Heather Avis on her new book: Scoot Over and Make Some Room

Hey friends! Welcome to the last episode of season three, and it’s a treat. We’re finishing up with a special BONUS interview with one of our favorite people (though we may be a little biased), Heather Avis. Not only does she co-host this podcast, she is mother to her three adopted children, two with Down Syndrome, and creator of the hit Instagram account: @theluckyfewofficial. In case you haven’t heard (and we sure hope you have), Heather’s newest book, Scoot Over and Make Some Room: Creating A Space Where Everyone Belongs, comes out on June 25th! In this special episode, we’re chatting about the writing process, the inspiration, and the reason behind the timing of this extraordinary book. Scoot Over and Make Some Room captures Heather’s funny yet fierce spirit as she tells stories of her children and champions anyone on the margins. Tune in as Heather reads a portion of her “Wildflowers” chapter and discusses who this book is supposed to challenge- which is anyone who has some room to make for others! So friends, who is missing from your life? Can you make some room for them on your couch?

We hope you’ll join this powerful movement to make some room by pre-ordering your copy today. Help Heather reach her 25 by 25 goal: 25,000 copies sold by the release date, June 25th! Plus, when you pre-order, you get special freebies-including the first chapter of the book!

Thank you for joining us for another season! We will be back very soon, and we are very excited! For now, keep shouting the worth and shifting the narrative by making room for anyone missing from your couch. And as always, don’t forget to own your influence wherever you are.

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