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23: Owning Your Influence in the Spotlight with Lisa Gungor

Hey, friends! Thanks for joining us! Today, we’re chatting with Lisa Gungor, a wife, musician, and mama to two girls, one who has Down Syndrome.  Lisa is one of the curators of the two-time Grammy nominated musical duo "Gungor,” the author of the book "The Most Beautiful Thing I've Seen," and a contributor to The Liturgists Podcast. She’s a creative soul who owns her influence to shift the Down Syndrome narrative through her music.

Lisa and her husband Michael created their band “Gungor” over a decade ago and wrote mostly Christian songs. Later, they would write the song, “Light” to celebrate their second daughter, Lucie, who has Down Syndrome.  Join us today as Lisa shares her infamous faith journey, what she believes now, and how Down Syndrome shaped her spiritual world.

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