29: Heather Avis On Her NEW Book: Scoot Over and Make Some Room!

Hey friends! Welcome to the last episode of season three, and it’s a treat. We’re finishing up with a special BONUS interview with one of our favorite people (though we may be a little biased), Heather Avis. Not only does she co-host this podcast, she is mother to her three adopted children, two with Down Syndrome, and creator of the hit Instagram account: @theluckyfewofficial. In case you haven’t heard (and we sure hope you have), Heather’s newest book, Scoot Over and Make Some Room: Creating A Space Where Everyone Belongs, comes out on June 25th! In this special episode, we’re chatting about the writing process, the inspiration, and the reason behind the timing of this extraordinary book. Scoot Over and Make Some Room captures Heather’s funny yet fierce spirit as she tells stories of her children and champions anyone on the margins. Tune in as Heather reads a portion of her “Wildflowers” chapter and discusses who this book is supposed to challenge- which is anyone who has some room to make for others! So friends, who is missing from your life? Can you make some room for them on your couch?

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28: Owning Your Influence In ALL Your Spaces!

“Moral of the story: Potty training is the worst.” - Heather. That’s right friends. We’re tackling this fun topic today, but most importantly, chatting all about the many memorable moments from this season! We even have Tesney Davis back on to tell us what just might be every parent’s favorite piece of good news- her 13 year old son Kirill is now officially potty trained!

This season has been a blast sitting down with extraordinary women who advocate in unique ways. We’ve discussed privilege and perspective with Amy Julia Becker, dual diagnosis with Tesney Davis, and how to own your influence every single day with the lovely ladies at the Dear Mom, Conference. Friends, thank you for joining us this season. As we admire our guests, don’t forget to celebrate the work you’re doing too! You are owning your influence by raising your child. Keep showing up. Keep shouting the worth. We are so grateful to shift the Down Syndrome narrative together.

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27: Owning Your Influence By Using Your Gifts with Michelle Sullivan

Michelle Sullivan has found her voice, and she’s using it to host a podcast, run a clothing company, and most importantly— advocate like a mother. She credits all of this to her 5 year old son, Eli, who has Down Syndrome. Eli helped his mama own her creative influence and launch an apparel company, Littlest Warrior, and the Advocate Like A Mother Podcast. Michelle uses her gifts to recognize (and outfit) mothers and advocates everywhere who shout the worth of their kids with different abilities. So friends, what’s your fave Littlest Warrior Tee? Join us for Season Three Episode Eight to hear which shirts we have in our closets (hint: pretty much all of them!) and then shop online to support worthy causes and valuable messages. Happy Advocating, friends!

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26: Owning Your Influence By Using Your Words with Amy Julia Becker

When Amy Julia Becker received her daughter Penny’s Down Syndrome diagnosis, she mourned the loss of a hypothetical child, the one she had always expected. However, Amy Julia and her husband quickly found joy, love, hope, and perspective in their now 13 year old daughter. So much so that Amy Julia wrote, “A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny.” She chose to share Penny’s story when she noticed the consistent lack of hopeful information that comes with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. Penny’s vulnerability and fight to be included opened her mother’s heart and eyes to other people that society often marginalizes and excludes.  With this in mind, Amy Julia put pen to paper to discuss the important topic of privilege in her newest book, “White Picket Fences: Turning toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege.” When she isn’t writing, she’s speaking or enjoying life with her family. What a gift it is to chat with her today for Episode 7 of Season 3! So friends, join us as we chat with Amy Julia Becker about authors, advocates, affluence, oh and Penny’s new pointe shoes for dance class!

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25: Owning Your Influence and Broadening The Spaces - Tesney Davis on Dual Diagnosis

Tesney Davis always knew she wanted to adopt a child with different abilities, but she never checked the box for Autism. When she discovered her adopted son with Down Syndrome had an additional diagnosis, her world changed, yet so did her mindset. Kirill was adopted from Russia at the age of five, thanks to what Tesney calls, “the first miracle she’s ever witnessed.” After months of living in Russia with only a few days clothing packed and fighting the court’s initial denial, Tesney and her husband finally brought their son home.

Join us and Tesney Davis as we discuss breaking down the barriers that moms of kids with Autism often feel, accommodating and including children with Autism, and reaching parents of the 8-9% of kids who have dual diagnosis.

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24: Owning Your Influence in the Business World with Mica May

Mica May believes every day life can be magical and lovely. She is a mama to three kids, Jackson (who has Down syndrome), Madelyn and Harper. Through her multimillion dollar company, May Designs, Mica teaches the world to see beauty in design and in Down Syndrome.

Mica is definitely owning her influence. May Designs has contributed thousands of dollars to Down Syndrome advocacy groups, and has even provided a scholarship for a Ruby’s Rainbow participant! She believes in starting small, and always showing up. So friends, grab a coffee and your May Designs journal and join us for a chat about translocation Down Syndrome, advocating in your business, and how to hold loosely to expectations and tightly to beauty.

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23: Owning Your Influence in the Spotlight with Lisa Gungor

Hey, friends! Thanks for joining us! Today, we’re chatting with Lisa Gungor, a wife, musician, and mama to two girls, one who has Down Syndrome.  Lisa is one of the curators of the two-time Grammy nominated musical duo "Gungor,” the author of the book "The Most Beautiful Thing I've Seen," and a contributor to The Liturgists Podcast. She’s a creative soul who owns her influence to shift the Down Syndrome narrative through her music.

Lisa and her husband Michael created their band “Gungor” over a decade ago and wrote mostly Christian songs. Later, they would write the song, “Light” to celebrate their second daughter, Lucie, who has Down Syndrome.  Join us today as Lisa shares her infamous faith journey, what she believes now, and how Down Syndrome shaped her spiritual world.

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22: Owning Your Influence in Down Syndrome Spaces with Jen Jacob

“Congratulations! You’re going to have a baby with Down Syndrome..” the words Heather dreams a doctor would say when delivering a Down Syndrome diagnosis. Thankfully, fierce advocates like Jen Jacob are here to make that vision a reality. Jen is the co-author of "The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis through Adulthood" and the author and a contributor for "Unexpected, Stories of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis." Jen is also the co-founder and Executive Director for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network.

Today, we’re chatting about doctor’s appointments, community groups, and Jen’s incredible work with the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. Serving over 9,000 families, Jen Jacob is literally shifting the Down Syndrome narrative, in doctor’s offices and delivery rooms everywhere.

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21: Owning Your Influence in Front of the Camera With Amanda Booth

Hi friends! Welcome back to Season Three, Episode Two of The Lucky Few Podcast. Today, we’re chatting with Amanda Booth, an actress, model, and mama to Micah, her son with Down Syndrome. Together, they work hard to represent the Down Syndrome community on the playground, Instagram, and even magazine covers like Vogue and Anthropologie! But you don’t have to be a model or an actress to own your influence. Amanda believes that whether it’s a trip to the park or an audition, the most important part is showing up.Join us as Amanda shares her journey into the modeling industry, her son’s unique diagnosis story, and the way Down Syndrome transformed her career and helped her achieve her dreams.

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20: Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference

Hi friends! Welcome to Season 3 of The Lucky Few Podcast. We are SO glad you found your way here, and on World Down Syndrome Day of all days! There is no better time to talk about owning your influence than right now. So let’s talk about it, with all the moms at Dear Mom, Conference! We’re asking, “What does it mean to be a shouter of worth?” 

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19: Questions, Answers, Recap, and More!

Hey, friends! We are so glad you’re here for the final episode of Season Two of The Lucky Few Podcast! Listen along as we relive the best of this season and answer questions from you lovely listeners! From the conversation about inclusion with Kristen, to the lessons learned from Terry Brown, this season has been powerful! The world change doesn’t stop here though! This week, we are answering your questions about how to make time for all of your children and handle fears of the future for your child with different abilities. But friends, it gets better because we are coming back for The Lucky Few Podcast Season Three: Owning Your Influence! That’s right, we’ll be chatting all about what it means to shift the narrative in your daily life and influence your community to shout the worth of people with Down Syndrome!

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18: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide!

Welcome to The Lucky Few Podcast, friends! Thanksgiving is behind us and the holiday season is ahead! Struggling with gift ideas for your friends and family? We’ve got you covered. Listen along for the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, your inside look into this season’s most meaningful gifts for everyone on your list! This season, give gifts that shout the worth of people with Down Syndrome and bring joy to your children, your friends, and even parents of children with different abilities! But don’t pay full price, we have coupon codes and more for all of our Lucky Few listeners! Happy shopping, friends!

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17: Self Advocacy - Down Syndrome in DC with Kayla McKeon!

This week on the Lucky Few Podcast, we have the honor of sitting down with Kayla McKeon -- the first registered lobbyist with Down Syndrome! Not only is Kayla active in her church and Special Olympics, she is a Ruby’s Rainbow college scholarship recipient and takes classes each semester! Kayla is living proof that people with Down Syndrome can lead full and productive lives and that’s why she’s one of the best self advocates in DC. Join us this week to hear all about the extraordinary life of Kayla McKeon, a college student, a licensed driver, a podcast host, a public speaker, a reader, and an exceptional lobbyist.

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16: Live From the Dear Mom Conference!

Coming at you LIVE from Orem, Utah - the ladies of The Lucky Few podcast take the stage at Dear Mom Conference! Heather, Micah, and Mercedes are reading their “Dear Mom” letters to their former selves and revealing all the things they wish they knew when they received their child’s Down Syndrome diagnosis. From the vulnerable lens of these powerful mamas, we’re working through answers to all the tough questions. What are you most scared of for your child’s future? How can I help my child relate to their peers? How can I shift the Down Syndrome narrative in my daily life?

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15: Discipline and Down Syndrome with Dr. David Stein

This week on The Lucky Few Podcast, we’re talking about all things discipline and behavior with Dr. David Stein, a psychologist and Co-Director of the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. His “respond but don’t react” approach to parenting children with Down Syndrome guides his new book: Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome. Join us this week to learn more about the brain development of children with Down Syndrome, the best approach to disciplining children with Down Syndrome, and the importance of self-care for parents of children with Down Syndrome.

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